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Eric found us on FB and messaged us asking us to come out to get an estimate on ripping up some carpet in a family room and installing hardwood that matched the rest of the house. Eric and his family had just recently moved into the home and was not fond of the carpet and wanted the job completed as soon as possible. We were able to get out to his home that same day and take measurements and we spent the next 2 days looking for samples and drawing up several estimates for him for unfinished and prefinished hardwood. In the end he decided to go with an unfinished hardwood because he does not like the bevels in the pre finished hardwood. Eric contacted us on Tuesday and the following Monday we were removing the old carpet from his home and prepping the subfloors for the new hardwood on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning we got an early start and the hardwood was laid by 3pm and it was ready to be sanded and finished. Our guy was out there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday completing the job. The end result is absolutely stunning.

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